Research Introduction

See Touch, Immersion, and Dynamic research about key artists, including: Roslin Davis, Hurvin Anderson and Mark Titchner research on the Research File 'Scroll bar'

The Boolean Operator  distinguishes research topics into AND, OR, and NOT. For all intensive purposes, Touch (And), Immersion (or), are the primary gatherings and suggestions my work insights. Anderson, Davis and Titchner have topical Dynamism (Not) in comparison to personally made works.

Furthermore, there is a simple and up-to-date list of online links that demonstrated the portfolio in a PDF. Following on from the assignment, 'Painting as Agent', which briefly expands with 'text book' annotations. I invite you to make your own connections and suggestions by contacting me via email: 


A bonus file bellow shows you the Unit 9 Bibliography, containing written theory, and 'rightly sited' links. Skim through the PDF and visit my biographical page for the Unit 10 presentation video (draft).