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Restoring Work 1

These repainted works restored the white primer around the latex gloves, because of light discolouration. The white oil paint absorbed the yellow light, so I used a quick drying acrylic the over these 'light damaged areas'. Delicately not to over paint the centre piece. I now love it in my bedroom and which developed the interior space to reflect my practice; I also painted the walls green, which contrast.

Restoring work 2

This was a first year piece from 2018, it was about climate change. I rendered snow cap mountains which look as though they are melting ice caps. Which comment on our effect on global warming. I am always critical about society's norms and values and change to distribute wealth and destruction.

Restoring Work 3

During foundation year at The Royal Drawing School, sculpture was paramount, this was the head. The class with, Robert Fawcett, was a very engaging and scientific project, one which I will never forget, like many of his art classes. I think our creative psychology, are most capable of remembering. I may have gone a little over board with the paint job, but I couldn't resist the humour has captured, poor old Moses here...

"Black Lives Matter" - 2020

Spurring out from a family debate, we discussed the violence in London between police brutality and public protest. It is similar to the rebellious attacks on Chinese law enforcement, while the pandemic of Corona Virus at present; a social paradox for high population density.

'Art Prof' - Graduate Students 2020

Along with Jamie Baker and Elise Wallbridge, we have been selected for the 'Art Professionals' graduation page.

Crafting A Gym

I cut MDF and Ply wood for weights on a Barbell. I also have added scaffold poles for suspention and supportive bars for body weight training. Watch episodes on YouTube by searching, Jude Wood. or follow the link below!

Robert and Simone Benaim

My 80 year old grand parents. Simone on the right is an artist in her own right. We briefly met to support their home with family camaraderie, food and drink.

Outdoor Painting

Using the garden to embrace the pollen, light and breeze in the air, before deciding to finish there of.

Lockdown Studio

This is my indoor set up: aisle, desk, printer, paints, canvases etc...

Attempt 2

The final 'attempt', rather, a going over of wet paint into wet paint to adjust the faces features. You'll see in the portfolio that I decided it looked more like my cleaner did before the outbreak started. A tribute to my cleaner Iwana lol

India (Siter) 1

My sister India is like a biological twin, only she's not actually, 3 years younger and female. So it was a rather exciting way of interpreting her face from my own, because of social distancing, she refused to sit for any length of time.

The Face

Instead of calling a portrait painting a portrait. I see this work on a tablet as a sort of perfect environment, where all your mistakes are exposed. Knowledge or just steady handedness, this still doesn't look like me; because my friend began to claim it was him.

Blue Saturn Crash

This is another digital painting which I learned from Flo_art on youtube. I added excitement from a mistake with overlaying the pallet of tone on blue.

The Eye

This is a beginners attempt with stylus painting. I use an iPad 6th generation on Procreate, which I highly recommend. Now that I feel confident controlling the pen on ‘brushes’; this was David Hackney’s suggestion.



University Show Case

View some of the most unique painters from the Wimbledon College of Art, in our final year. Free¡

The Vegan Beach
Carrot Dog
'Vegan Hot Spot'

Inspired from my Youtube subscriptions, holidays and thus; my imagination ran wild.

"A Caged Shamrock"

I sculpt my interpretations alive.


Crazy collage.

"Brexit is Nye"

Please see the portfolio video tutorial.

"Leave" and or "Remain"

The face of good and evil.

"A Piece on War"

This is a modest picture of its 'texture' in reality.

"Freedom is Fragile"

Yes, I stuck fragile tape on the top LOL.

Monochrome Photo Album

A collection from Aug-Sept 2019, which developed badly due to light damaged paper. However, the overall impact of making ones own pictures is inspiring. It is more fun and rewarding than conventional digital photography. Especially when they're holiday and family images. This is a spread of 16 A5 size photos on an A1 black card sheet. The set square ruler points to my father (Mark Wood) and the my old Nonno (Robert Benaim)

Story Making

From the comic book class at the royal drawing school, a story board showed examples of story lines. We chose a unique story or cross-referenced the narrative, which transcribed the story I made here. Pen and water-colour on Cartridge paper.

The 'Brexit' Divide

With Liquitex Acrylic Pouring Medium, yellow, red and blue inks bleed together. For more details follow my instagram account @judewood.official and the tutorial on my Youtube account: Jude Wood After 2 hours the ink colours set into the acrylic medium and the underlying tape I removed to show the english cross. After another 10 hours, the whole piece was dry and magical.

Hello My Name Is Jude

Week 1 on the the graphic novel and comic book workshop at The Royal Drawing School! The first learning experiment was to swap our self portraits several times and improvise the features of the body. Otherwise known as 'The game of consequences'.

Wall of Posters (Week 1)

The second task was to draw and para-phrase answers to the teachers questions. Such as your first pet, something you saw, etc...? Afterwards we grouped together to match written and drawn material, which is your favourite?

The Wall Samples

This is the wall we tacked all the work we made. Everybody seemed intersted and amused by what was made.

How To Start a Zine

This was a great motivation to make zines! 1. Write down something you've over-heard 2. Draw something scary 3. Swap with another person. BAM! you've made your first two pages of content... The first week was intended to expand new horizons, hence learning about one another day and names etc...

My Favourite !

Out of all the poster styles, this one resonated most with me. Firstly the weight-lifting octopus has a crazy look in its eye. Lastly, 'don't burn out' is the kind of thing I tell myself to keep trying new things.

Surreal Abstraction

This A2 size painting was made during the second year of sixth-form. Inspired by those early years of experimentation; the colours and techniques are foundations to the final outcomes working with 'Pouring medium'.


This is my most recent project, which contextualises abstract 'realisations' as a process of learning and discovering new ways of making art. The two small canvases on the left are make with an acrylic resin medium (called 'Pouring medium') and the middle and right are watercolours (a3 and a5).