Rosalind Davis PPD Lecture (Click Word Icon)


The Future of Impermanence Workshop


A sketch of the workshop there after the bamboo installation was made.


After this lecture I felt 'permanently' inspired to work with all the opportunities and workshops I could arrange. Picture (Feb/Mar 2020).

Hurvin Anderson's Seminar 

These are questions which I asked during the lecture at Wimbledon College of art. I recorded them on my phone with a little mic piece I was given from the DSA for Dyslexia. I suppose this helps because it enables us to hear research instead of see, read etc..

I would have liked to ask more questions about Hurvin Himself, because he grew up in Jamaica and moved to London to study at Wimbledon College and The royal Academy. Had he got caught up in any political back lash from Bob Marleys era in the 60s and had he adopted any pasta beliefs? And what is his studio life like now in Birmingham?

These are still a mystery to me, let me know Anderson and stay in touch!

Audio recorded in Sept 2019, London WCA. Images from Google, 'Mango Tree', 'Barbershop' and Portrait From the Turner Prize (Accessed: 10/05/20)


Sketchings of composition before making the pouring medium stencils, of the english flag.

Mark Titchner in Colchester at Firstsite Gallery

Titchner is a street, typographical and activist artist. He also works like a Dr. of social panic and concern, his slogans immerse you emotionally in the mundane. Since we are both english artists, his cause for concern is currently orientated around 'Brexit' and 'Coronavirus'.


Sketches of as graphic novel about the pandemic 'Covid 19' AKA corona virus; a story from imagination with random, humorous concepts.


Called 'Feel This' because of the texture caused between card and  Indian ink.